Who are you from the practical school vs. the theoretical school
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Who are you from the practical school vs. the theoretical school

Author: Dinibao release time:2020-10-26 09:11:49CTR:

As soon as you enter the toy grabber machine, it's as deep as the sea.Some people say that if you want to catch a doll, it's the key to learn theoretical knowledge.Some people think that practice is the only way to know.When theory meets practice, which school are you!

  toy grabber machine


Believe in the formula of catching baby.

The legendary formula of "the head is big, the body is small, the head and legs are long, the waist is grasped, and the body weight is found in the fifth five years".

It is also sought after and regarded as the true meaning.

I feel like the king every time before I step down.

But I don't know whether it's the claw out of control or the twist of luck.

No matter how you study theoretical knowledge.

Finally, I can only watch the baby pass by.

toy grabber machine

Practical school

Firmly believe in the concept of "experienced enough experience, not much theory, luck, to tease girls at the critical moment."

And often shuttle in the major shopping malls, subways, game hall toy grabber machine.

Master a good hand of "King Kong does not damage one Yang finger".

You can get your boss broke in a minute.

If you ask why

They will say in silence: "sister paper like it".

This is probably the power of love.