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Main selling points of Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine[2020-11-07]
Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is mainly used to gather people in the venue. The sound of hitting and the sound effect of game scores can attract people around to watch and try.
Introduction to Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine[2020-11-04]
Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is a boxing fighting game machine suitable for young people who love boxing and like to challenge the limit. This is a boxing and dancing machine and gift machine combination products.
Lipstick gift machine popular players line up to play[2020-11-03]
At present, it is difficult to do business in various industries in China, but lipstick gift machines are everywhere in high-end supermarkets in first tier cities.
It's no accident that lipstick prize gift machine will catch fire[2020-11-02]
Play games on the screen and win gifts. The word "win" can be said to be well-known and caters to the human nature and psychology of Chinese people. Therefore, it is not accidental that lipstick gift machine will become popular.
The economy of street entertainment is quietly changing[2020-10-29]
After the improvement of the national economy, people's attention has shifted from food and clothing to "desire". In the pursuit of desire, consumers' different needs for experience such as environment, time and operability lead to high consumption sc
This is the way to catch the doll of the doll machine[2020-10-28]
Bionic type of doll, toy crane machine​ clip body or doll protruding place, these rely on the player to observe the special parts of the puppet body, such as under the trunk of elephant doll, tail of monkey bending area, etc., or send the clip into
Detailed teaching of toy grabbing machine[2020-10-27]
When you encounter a doll with a big head, the center of gravity of this doll is in the head. Pay attention to observe whether the clip is bigger than the head of the doll. If the clip is larger, you can clip the head directly. If the clip is smaller than
Who are you from the practical school vs. the theoretical school[2020-10-26]
As soon as you enter the toy grabber machine, it's as deep as the sea.Some people say that if you want to catch a doll, it's the key to learn theoretical knowledge.Some people think that practice is the only way to know.When theory meets practice, which
Baby machine to increase the gift will be more popular[2020-10-23]
People who like to play with doll machines, on the one hand, feel curious, on the other hand, they get the joy when they grab the doll or gift. It can appropriately reduce the difficulty of grabbing gifts, so that more customers can get gifts.
How to play the amusement game machine well?[2020-10-22]
Video game arcade, which combines the most popular street dance in the world, is a new concept dance machine developed for dance lovers. It interprets dance, music, lighting, etc. with fancy performance as the main line, it has a variety of game modes and
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