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Lipstick gift machine popular players line up to play[2020-11-03]
At present, it is difficult to do business in various industries in China, but lipstick gift machines are everywhere in high-end supermarkets in first tier cities.
The economy of street entertainment is quietly changing[2020-10-29]
After the improvement of the national economy, people's attention has shifted from food and clothing to "desire". In the pursuit of desire, consumers' different needs for experience such as environment, time and operability lead to high consumption sc
Who are you from the practical school vs. the theoretical school[2020-10-26]
As soon as you enter the toy grabber machine, it's as deep as the sea.Some people say that if you want to catch a doll, it's the key to learn theoretical knowledge.Some people think that practice is the only way to know.When theory meets practice, which
Baby machine to increase the gift will be more popular[2020-10-23]
People who like to play with doll machines, on the one hand, feel curious, on the other hand, they get the joy when they grab the doll or gift. It can appropriately reduce the difficulty of grabbing gifts, so that more customers can get gifts.
If we want to enter the crane machine market, how can we make this kind of machine better?[2020-10-20]
Crane machine is the most common type of game machine that is more popular with children and young people. If we want to enter the crane machine market, how can we make this kind of machine better? Or is it more attractive to bring more economic benefits?
control panel and integrates the function of the control of the game[2020-10-14]
Control panel is equipped with a rocker, game keys, knobs, games, track ball, or light gun game of a tablet, is located in the outer box below the front and right abdomen is box, control panel and integrates the function of the control of the game, game i
The birth and development of arcade Booth game machine[2020-10-12]
"Space War" is a space-themed shooting game. It is the originator of vertical shooting games.
Survival of the Jedi renewed again, dinosaur clothing attracted attention, 98K appeared perfect replacement[2020-09-26]
Recently, with everyone staying at home, the popularity of E-sports has begun to rise unprecedentedly. The survival of the Jedi is a typical example. Of course, this is also inseparable from the blue hole of various updates, with the new season unfolding,
Japanese Pinball shop reopens, more than 300 people line up to enter[2020-09-24]
In the bustling areas of Japan's major cities, such marble machine shops with huge stores and crowded crowds can be found everywhere. They are open 24 hours
What kind of entertainment are there in video game city[2020-09-18]
We all know that the video game city is a good place for leisure and entertainment, but we don't have a special understanding of the entertainment projects in the video game city. We may know more about the friends who often go to the video game city, bu
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