control panel and integrates the function of the control of the game
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control panel and integrates the function of the control of the game

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The control panel

  Control panel is equipped with a rocker, game keys, knobs, games, track ball, or light gun game of a tablet, is located in the outer box below the front and right abdomen is box, control panel and integrates the function of the control of the game, game is interactive input mode.

The box abdomen

  Box is positive the bottom half of the game, install a coin in the middle or (and) work, to put into or out of the game currency. Coin is just store the coin box, into the game currency will fall into it. These three devices are installed in external grottoes have warded lock gates, to ensure finish the game parlors main business interests and consumption and the process of reproduction.

Box side panel

  Box side panel is console shell two blocks on either side of the board, and the front part firmly combined together to form a solid whole, is the main support part of the game.

After the box plate

  Box plate is at the back of the console shell after a block can be open or take off the board, combine with other parts of the shell in a closed space in order to protect the internal components of a console. Box at the same time also have dispersed after plate machine run the heat generated by the function, the safety of the game is very important.

Flat box body

  Flat box body structure is more simple upright frames, shaped like a tea table, the height of the game is very low, the perspective of the game to look down, so there is no so-called casing head, the two ends of the control panel is on the edge of the box surface, but also of coin and store coin box, instead of after the box plate box bottom, because of the small size, these part of the box body is compressed very small. The flat box body has a special function, is the graphics can flip or bidirectional, in the early days of the singles game of both sides can each other to sit and play together.

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