Survival of the Jedi renewed again, dinosaur clothing attracted attention, 98K appeared perfect replacement
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Survival of the Jedi renewed again, dinosaur clothing attracted attention, 98K appeared perfect replacement

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Recently, with everyone staying at home, the popularity of E-sports has begun to rise unprecedentedly. The survival of the Jedi is a typical example. Of course, this is also inseparable from the blue hole of various updates, with the new season unfolding, many players began to seize this opportunity, hoping to win more fashion or accessories for themselves. In a variety of interesting changes, several heroes also appear in the game.

 dinosaur clothing

In fact, not long ago, there were officials who warmed up in advance, suggesting that the player will produce a surprising hero this time. In this regard, the players expressed great expectation. A few days ago, during the test, the hero had already been online. Compared with the previous snow nest, the map has a very beautiful scenery, like coming to the spring with flowers blooming everywhere. Just by this, it has won many fans. After all, it was snow before, and it did affect the players' vision. Now this problem has been completely solved.

In the early broadcast of the promotional film, players can also see a lot of details, such as the first dinosaur paradise, it is said that there are many resources here. With the constant change of the scene, fans found that this fashion has become very fashionable, and there are many kinds of dinosaur fossils. In addition, dinosaur clothing also attracted the attention of many players, because there are many dinosaurs in the game, if you can wear this clothing, it must be able to hide their actions.

Of course, in addition to the above, the train is also the latest design. Players can climb the train to carry out a fierce attack, the game effect can be called a movie blockbuster. One of the details suggests a new way to play in the game, that is, players can throw out the gasoline barrel in their hands. This may be the latest sniper gun designed for the game. I believe that all discerning eyes can see that this gun is probably the perfect replacement for K48.

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