New machine recommendation: dazzle basketball
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New machine recommendation: dazzle basketball

Author: Dinibao release time:2020-09-27 17:43:05CTR:

"Dazzle basketball": transformation, from now on. Long lasting basketball machine, with 65 inch high-definition display screen, evolved into such a trendy - dazzle basketball. The combination of software and hardware, the interaction of the four levels and the shocking sound effect make the players get a continuous sense of freshness and challenges when playing the game.

Dinibao Luxury Street Basketball Machine Arcade Game Machine

How to play:

1. Coin in to start the game.

2. Click the button to select the game mode and difficulty.

3. Start the game, complete the level goal, challenge high score.

4. Complete the challenge, evaluate the results and check the ranking.

5. The game is over.

It is such a prominent visual effect. At a glance, it is just a bright star in the basketball machine. Who can resist its charm? Just one word

HD big screen! It means unlocking more playing methods and hiding functions of basketball machine! One glance, amazing.

Each level, there are different challenges, in addition to shooting skills to be excellent, but also to have a strategy to get high scores, game greatly enhanced!

Featured head portrait shooting and online confrontation system, real-time display player ranking. Landing immediately start the race, the first place by me to refresh!