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Main selling points of Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine[2020-11-07]
Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is mainly used to gather people in the venue. The sound of hitting and the sound effect of game scores can attract people around to watch and try.
It's no accident that lipstick prize gift machine will catch fire[2020-11-02]
Play games on the screen and win gifts. The word "win" can be said to be well-known and caters to the human nature and psychology of Chinese people. Therefore, it is not accidental that lipstick gift machine will become popular.
Detailed teaching of toy grabbing machine[2020-10-27]
When you encounter a doll with a big head, the center of gravity of this doll is in the head. Pay attention to observe whether the clip is bigger than the head of the doll. If the clip is larger, you can clip the head directly. If the clip is smaller than
How to play the amusement game machine well?[2020-10-22]
Video game arcade, which combines the most popular street dance in the world, is a new concept dance machine developed for dance lovers. It interprets dance, music, lighting, etc. with fancy performance as the main line, it has a variety of game modes and
Bumper car battery car does not need special site configuration[2020-10-16]
Bumper car battery car does not need special site configuration, as long as it is fully charged, it can be used easily. The general material is: the chassis is made of steel, and the shell is made of fiberglass.
The short characters in arcade games[2020-10-10]
From "Dinosaurs Kombat", "Three Kingdoms", "Famous Generals" and other clear-cut games to fighting games such as "The King of Fighters" and "The Hao Xue Si Clan", players have almost all been bullied by those short and powerful characters.
The status quo of the makers of arcade games[2020-10-08]
Recalling the arcade, that is the best of our generation. In that era when entertainment was a little scarce, the appearance of arcade machines added a touch of color to our lives. "Metal Slug", "The King of Fighters", "Three Kingdoms" and other cla
New machine recommendation: dazzle basketball[2020-09-27]
"Dazzle basketball": transformation, from now on. Long lasting basketball machine, with 65 inch high-definition display screen, evolved into such a trendy - daz
Master wearing dinosaur clothing scared two ha, but the result was "see through", dog: how old still play[2020-09-24]
Many people find that after they have a hairy child, their mentality is much better. Although they sometimes get angry because of the dog's mistakes, on the
What should be paid attention to when purchasing new design 12p Murray go round carousel[2020-09-19]
New design 12p merry go round carousel​ is a good equipment operating in small and medium-sized amusement parks, parks, squares and other places. These venues are very good choices for operators. So there are many investors who choose to operate car
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