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Company Profile

Guangzhou Dinibao Animation Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou City, specialized in manufacturing and exporting game machines for 17 years . We are the only game machine company who offers game machines with cheap prices and best quality in the market .  "quality is the life" and "co-development with customers" is our company’s policy .We have professional animation team, thus can provide customers with a complete proposal , such as (market research), (project analysis, planning), (program design), (theme design), (decoration design), (operation and management) to offer you one-stop purchasing and service.

Our machines have been exported to more than
180 countries. And more than 10000 game centers are using our games. We also cooperate with many large local chains and have oversea branch offices such as India, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey…

Welcome to our Dinibo Animation Technology Co., Ltd., we will be your most trusted cooperation manufacturer. We will use the most professional services to help you growth and to create animation miracle together.



Company Advantages


1.We have professional 15 years experience in game machine production ,site planning with operation and exportation


2.Our products have been sold to more than 150 oversea countries, and 56 domestic provinces. We know the various markets requirements on the voltage, power and other special climate.

We also know the hottest machines in domestic and overseas markets , thus we can provide case reference and machines recommendation for the customers who invest game center at the first time .


3. Make profitable of product with program. Our general manager will do a program how to gain more profit for customer and assist them to make a entire strategy for game city.


4. We will set up a storage warehouse in key markets, in which stock a large number of parts in the local , thus it will be easy to solve any problem at any time, to replace it and resolve it at the same day.


5. Our company has a complete set of site operation manual, can appoint operation team and technical team to stay in the site to help to open the center smoothly, to achieve profit model  and we can provide the latest profit plan in the long-term.


6.Our company can promise the customers that we can give free new machine if the machine cannot repair due to the quality problems , and if it still has problems after operation in three times update , we can refund you the money.



Product Advantages


A. Independent R&D, mainboard and machines produced by ourselves, we are the real source of manufacturer.

B. The using of fully enclosed bubble film packaging to prevent moisture and water into the packaging during the process of shipping, otherwise it will be resulting in rust.


C. 48 hours heat engine requirements. We guarantee all the machines with 48 hours heat before delivery, to reduce machine quality problems.


D. All the internal parts were under strict selection and testing, for example, power supply, LCD, circuit boards, amplifiers, speakers, sound, lights, and even buttons, acrylic, stickers.


Team Advantages


We have our own R & D team, production team, sales team, professional site operation team, thus can provide the customer following services:


1.  Technical training, storage center reserves, 24 hours a free one-on-one service


2. To assist you to set the staff and make job responsibilities


3. Free maintenance within one year (except human-damaged)


4. can arrange technicians to the site for equipment maintenance, testing, repair at any time


5. Each machine is equipped with detailed fragile accessories (see each machine distribution list)

One-stop Solution For Game Center

Site planning , layout drawing ,machines recommendation , machine placement, production & inspection , shipping , installation ,professional technical trainning your staff , after sales support .

One-stop Solution For Game Center

Our certificate

Our company has been approved by ISO9001 quality system and TUV factory aduit, and all of our products have CE 

our certificate

Our Product

Our Product

Our Product

Dinibao Main Products

1.   Simulator Racing Game Mahcine

2.  Simulator Shooting Game Machine

3.    Redemption Game Machine

4.    Basketball Game Machine

5.    Toy Crane Machine

6.    Prize Gift Machine

7.    Air Hockey Table

8.    Football Table

9.  9D VR 5D7D9D Cinema


10. Amusement Game Machine

11. Video Game Machine

12. Kiddie Rides

13. Kids Carousel Kids Train

14. Bumper Cars Battery Cars

15. Kids playground

16. Sand Tables Fishing Pond

17. Building Block Tables

18.Amusement park Mechanical ride




Product Application

Game center ,Shopping mall,Amusement center, Amusement park, Theme parks,Holiday resorts, Tourist attractions, Movie theater, Home theater, Auto show, Supermarket, Star hotels, KTV, Science promotion activities, All kinds of Club, Playground, water park, VR theme park and other entertainment and edutainment place.


1.Make good quality machines only.

2.Offer good price only.Never cheat buyers.

3.Answer buyers at first time,24hours bring phone with us.

4.Solve problems until buyers satisfied.Even we will lose money.We take the responsibility.

5.Once buy our game machines,life long time do the service to our buyers.

6.Treat our buyers as sisters/brothers,offer help in China any time they need.Do the best.

7.All of us be a good person,do good things only.Be a company buyers can rely on

Our Certificate

Our company has been approved by ISO9001 quality system and TUV factory aduit, and all of our products have CE


Production Market

Our products were installed in more than 150 countries.

America: USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica…

Europe: France, UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Czech, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania …

Middle East: Egypt, Oman, Jordan, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi, Turkey, Palestine, Israel, Yemen, Iraq…

Asia:  Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore,Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Hong Kong and (Taiwan province, China)...

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Sudan, Benin, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Ghana, Nigeria, Reunion (France), Tunisia


Our service

Pre-sale Service

NO.1 We can recommend reasonable machines to customers , and design site planning, equipment placement.

NO.2 We can help customers to control the price if take machines from other peer factories and give the best prices to customers, and also can ask the peer to give more parts.

NO.3 We know the stability, playability, profitability of all the machines customer selected

NO.4 It can save much time for customers ,since they only face us for the after-sale. We will contact the manufacturers here, which can solve the problem at the first time, also we can ask manufacturers to send you replace parts first, and then you send broken parts back .

NO.5 We will send our staff to follow the whole process of production in other factories, to see if they use the best parts , and whether they short the process and to make sure whether quality good or not during the inspecting and testing the machines 

NO.6 We can control a good delivery time , and supervise the packing and delivery of other factories, which unified by our company arrangements. And we will choose the most professional people to load machines and decide to ship after making sure the safety of machines 

NO.7 In order to the opening of game center smoothly and successfully , we will consider all spare parts and the site necessities, tools and others for customers , 

NO.8 Unified by our company to arrange the technician to install and debug machines and train the customers' staff, thus can effectively help customers to control the opening hours

NO.9 When come out any new machines, we will tell customers at the first time. Thus let customers to open game centers very easily.


On-purchase Services

1.We will try our best to communicate with you and service our customer sincerely and effectively, try to solve questions on your side. Once you place order, we will monitor the whole production process strictly.

2. We offer free training, design, industry information and support.

3. We can send technician to your Country to do the installation if needed.

4.Customizing Service

We can customize the cabinet, company's logo,stickers etc. according to your requirement.

5.Strict Quality Control

Each product must be subjected to rigorous testing and under control before shipment.


After-sale Service

When your machine got problems , we will help you solve the problems by following steps:

1, You could call us at any time ,or take pictures, to make a brief description of the problems, we will as quickly as we can to help you do a detailed maintenance . You just could check as the steps, until the problems cleared.
2, Video docking, the two sides open the video dialogue, we prepared the corresponding machine here, You could check as the steps technician said to resolve until the problems cleared.
3, we can employ the local technician on-site service, until the problems cleared.
4, We also can immediately send the technician to your site to resolve, until the problems cleared.

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