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Introduction to Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine[2020-11-04]
Super Street Fighter IV fighting video game machine is a boxing fighting game machine suitable for young people who love boxing and like to challenge the limit. This is a boxing and dancing machine and gift machine combination products.
This is the way to catch the doll of the doll machine[2020-10-28]
Bionic type of doll, toy crane machine​ clip body or doll protruding place, these rely on the player to observe the special parts of the puppet body, such as under the trunk of elephant doll, tail of monkey bending area, etc., or send the clip into
List several major categories of doll machine operation at present[2020-10-21]
At present, there are still many investment operators whose business models are still 5 or 6 years ago. In order to better understand the investors, according to the development of doll machines in recent years, this paper lists several major categories o
What is the charm of Crazy Toy 2 claw machine? [2020-10-17]
A lot of lovers like to play with two dolls in front of the Crazy Toy 2 claw machine​. Whether they get dolls or not, they can promote their feelings. This is also a very good way to express feelings, if the boy can pick up the doll in front of the
What are the skills to play Table football?[2020-10-13]
Calm down. Regardless of whether it's the frontcourt or the backcourt, always keep calm, follow the opponent's movement, don't take it lightly, and play again when you see it. Spinning fast is sometimes useless, because it can't move laterally, it's
Why is the doll machine so hard to grasp?[2020-09-29]
Doll machine has a magic power. When you walk on the road or stroll in the mall, you can't help spending 10 yuan to catch a doll when you see it. This is quite restrained. In the eyes of doll grabbing fans, dolls with different IP and different styles ar
How much do Japanese like to play pinball machines?[2020-09-25]
I believe that when many people follow their friends to the amusement City, they will always find a familiar machine, that is, pushing coins. Many people are around it, hoping to push others down with their one dollar coins. Of course, the probability of
How does newest fun baby exciter game machine help children grow up?[2020-09-21]
Newest fun baby exciter game machine is a kind of amusement equipment. It is a process of distributing pressure to a single oil cylinder by hydraulic pump control unit with motor as power. It is mainly composed of lower chassis, upper chassis, boom, dippe
How to carry out daily maintenance and service for lottery game machine?[2020-09-16]
Lottery game machine has many lock broken, details of the problem, we should be able to find out as soon as possible, on-site things as far as possible to solve the scene, can not wait, wait and see, everything hope that the superior has a good arrangemen
On the prospect and management knowledge of carousel amusement equipment[2020-09-10]
With the rapid development of national economy and tourism, there is an increasing trend of large-scale theme park and science and technology museum projects in
How to become a simulated racing driver?[2020-09-01]
First of all, if you want to be a real racing driver, then there are a couple of very real questions. Are you still a minor? Do you have a lot of time a week? Do you have the full support of your family? Can you pull out at least a few hundred thousand a
What kind of game machine is simulator racing car arcade game machine?[2020-08-27]
Racing game machine, also known as video game racing car, is a kind of simulator made by simulating real racing car for business in public entertainment places. The game machine consists of several parts, which are generally composed of display screen, se